MOXIE: The Courage to be Audacious


Moxie is an attitude.  It’s where savvy, committed, inventive, and highly-skilled meet spunky, shameless, daring and brazen in juuuuust the right proportions.  And it’s a spot-on incredible feeling!

If you have Moxie or you want to, you are at the right place. You already know that to be a successful financial advisor (FA) you have to be driven to help people, have a compelling interest in learning the tools of your craft, and be dedicated to pursuing financial independence for your clients and yourself.

To be a successful female financial advisor (FFA), you must be all the above and more. You must be unique, exceptional, competitive and fearless.  We all have some fear and because fear can hold us back, I did some research.  Nothing should get in the way of the success of my FFAs, my Moxie Ladies.  What I discovered was that I feared being Ordinary.  Put another way, I couldn’t move forward unless I was going to be perceived as Extraordinary.  Many FFAs share this trait.   Fear of being Ordinary can hold us back from stepping into our success.  If everything isn’t perfect, we’ll work harder, and perfect never materializes.

This faulty reasoning holds us back as women.  And this is where so many women are losing ground.  If something is worth doing, then do it.  Improve it later.  Men don’t think that way.  They just forge ahead…and hand off the detail work to a woman.  Ouch!

If you are not moving forward in your career, ask yourself “Why not?”  Is it Fear of being Ordinary?  Is it Fear of Success?  Is it Fear of Failure?  These are just a few of the fears that can stop us in our tracks.  To move forward without being Extraordinary requires Moxie.  To step in to and fully own our power requires Moxie. To pick ourselves up and try again requires Moxie.

MY PROMISE:  You can count on The Moxie Mentor to provide you with Extraordinary new ideas for you to use, ideas proven to succeed by women in the field, not the same training you received in the past.  When I am fearless, these Extraordinary ideas may be delivered imperfectly.  If something is important to do, I promise I will just do it and then accept its imperfection and move forward or strive to make it extraordinary.  What’s most important is getting the idea to you, not how it is delivered.  I need to remember that.

When I first thought about working with FFAs I asked myself, and you should ask yourself these same questions:

  • How can I stand out from the crowd?
  • What do I do that is different from most?
  • Why would somebody want to work with me?

These questions can start you on your way to discover your ideal client niche.  After realizing I had an expertise that could empower FFAs to thrive in this business, I knew I had found the perfect niche and then I found the perfect name, and The Moxie Mentor was born.

The timing was epic.  Women are involved in over 80% of all financial decisions made at home and work.  Only 12% of all FAs are female.  Of the remaining 88% male FAs, almost half are thinking about retirement.  The population is now 52% female.  The number of men in the industry who will retire over the next 15 years allows us to increase our percentage of FFAs to better reflect the population.  We need to make a run to claim it, and why wouldn’t we?  There is huge flexibility in this career, and there is no glass ceiling.

What women do naturally is nurture.  They work collaboratively, not competitively.  The trust factor for financial advisors is at an all-time low.  Women can naturally bring back the trust factor to the relationships.  And relationships are what build a phenomenal client base that comes looking for you.

Bring your business up to the level you want it to be, up to the level your ideal clients need it to be.  Acquire the success, fame, fortune, balance and peace of mind you desire.  Don’t let fear win. Invest in your future. Embrace the challenge.

MY MOXIE CHALLENGE:  Accept the challenge to become a better, stronger, and more enthusiastic FFA. Know that your future success, our future success as females in this industry, rests with you and all the people you touch.  Growing the number of FFAs to better reflect the population is determined in part by you taking personal responsibility to thrive.  Be a leader and show the way for our women…your daughters, your nieces, your friends. And now you can do it in a way that supports your feminine.  Get Moxified*!  Attend a free teleseminar, enroll in a course, or participate in a Mastermind, VIP Day, or One on One Coaching.  

*The Moxie Mentor will expand your horizons with new experiences and new words along the way:  moxified, moxification, and moxie-esque are but a few.  You will soon begin to take on specific moxie traits that empower you and as a result, you will gain The Courage To Be Audacious!

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